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Below, is a list projects that have sprung up under the umbrella.

Photo Portfolio

·1 min
The purpose of this site is to exhibit my best photographs through a photography portfolio (work in progress). This site contains two things: A photography portfolio showcasing my best work (work in progress). A photo blog focusing on reviewing different photography services, such as Picfair, 500px or Youpic.

Viiniksi Oy

··1 min
We founded a wine imports and wholesale company in 2022 and after a long bureaucratic process we got our license in August 2022. My job mostly is to take care of the Internet side of things as well as liaise with our French partners. Having lived in France for several years has given me the advantage of understanding the French culture and wine culture from a practical point of view.

Public Exposure

··1 min
One day I had a crazy idea to create an independent blog on defensive cyber security. I presented it to my boss David Chartier at Arctic Security and after about a month the blog saw the light of day and the first post was published on 2022-03-08.

Dogs .social UK

··1 min
Dogs .social UK is a blog aimed at new dog owners especially in the UK. Dogs .social is a blog, whose aim is to provide you solutions on everyday challenges facing all of us from dog nutrition to dog care and exercise. Especially the COVID pandemic has meant that more and more people have acquired their first dog and are in dire need of practical basic information on: