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About Us

If you want to find helpful advice on a private or professional topic, the problem of identifying unbiased information is remarkable. Our mission is to identify specific topics we can help out with and make comprehensible information available to you, so that you can make more informed choices related to that topic.

Disinformation or Misinformation has been Amplified by COVID

The COVID pandemic has amplified what we could call the golden era of misinformation. At the same time, the need for well-researched, dependable, transparently sourced information has grown and more and more people are turning to the Internet for answers.

The basic problem is related to authority - who can I trust to help me make more informed choices?

Our answer is:

Our Experts are Here to Help You

Lari Huttunen, who is a seasoned ICT and information security professional, wants to help ordinary people, perhaps like you, make more informed choices in their every day life.

That is the reason why he kick-started in March 2021. His recipe for this problem is quite simple. Do the research and write blogs on a topic he or other experts in his network from various fields can authoritatively write on.

Where to Go from Here?

Our dream is to be a recognized authority on specific topics, which ordinary people are struggling with. The first problem, which is a proof-of-concept, is to help new dog owners demystify challenges related to canine nutrition, exercise and rest and recreation. It is a very competitive field, but the feedback from peers has encouraged us to continue for the simple reason that dogs in uninformed hands will suffer.


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